Benvenuto a The Dolly Sinatra Lodge !!! 

In Beautiful Palm Springs, California
Lodge # 2400, Order Sons of Italy in America


Last Pasta Social is Wednesday, May 25th

(see the Upcoming Events box on our home page for details)


(October 7, 2015 through May 25, 2016 at our Lodge...  Check calendar for schedule, hours, and prices)

palm_springs_03.jpgWe Love Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley!!

italian-flag.gifWe're Proud to be Italian-Americans!!!

Come for a Visit...


Lodge Address: 1700 E. Sahara Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (we're right on Vista Chino between Sunrise and Farrell)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 637, Palm Springs, CA 92263


Clubhouse Phone: 1-760-416-3184 (not for reservations; call Lori Harvey at 1-760-360-6255)

Event Reservations: 1-760-360-6255 (Lori Harvey)

Questions or Suggestions?  (not for reservations; call Lori Harvey at 1-760-360-6255)


Bob Cotugno, Joe LaPorta
Rene Troiano
Carmela Cotugno
Laurie Tappero
Entertainment and Events
Lori Harvey (Event Reservations)
Carol Camelot  (newsletter editor)
Nick Pace & Ken Bloss (website directors)
Andy Casey (staff writer extraordinaire)

Meet Our Officers...

President:                              Joseph LaPorta

Vice President:                    Frank DiSalvo

Past President:                    Carmela Cotugno

Financial Secretary:           Fred Branca

Recording Secretary:        Laura Scavo

Treasurer:                             Mary Serra

Orator:                                    Renee Troiano

Trustees:                                Robert Cotugno

                                                   Jerald Gugino

                                                   Mike Sassi

                                                   Joe Gallitto

                                                   Julia An D'Elia

Sergeant-at-Arms:             John "Jack" Brennan

Master of Ceremonies:    Patrick Evans

Mistress of Ceremonies: OPEN

Historian:                              Patti Orsini

Herald:                                    Jeff Frisco

State Deputy:                        David Cerboni

State Trustee:                       Marco Zonni

Learn Who We Are...


The Order Sons of Italy in America  is a national organization of men and women who represent the estimated 26 million Americans of Italian heritage, dedicated to promoting our culture, our traditions, our language, the legacy of our ancestors, and our contributions to the U.S. and the world. We are sons and daughters, grandmothers and grandfathers. We are corporate executives and we are union members...young students and retirees...teachers and attorneys...doctors and firefighters...bakers and Wall Street brokers...and everything in between. We are philanthropists and we are model global citizens with purpose beyond ourselves. And we are proud and patriotic Americans of Italian heritage. We exemplify the very best of what it is to be Italian American.

President's Corner

A note from our President, Joseph LaPorta...

Welcome to the website of the Dolly Sinatra Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America!  Feel free to take a look around, find out more about the Lodge and its activities, and perhaps learn something new about Italian-American culture, food, and history.  The Lodge welcomes folks of all backgrounds (everybody is Italian when they smile!) and invites all of you to come visit us at our Wednesday Night Pasta Socials or any of our other events, activities, and programs.  We’re always on the lookout for new members to join the Lodge and share in the fun, so please don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you’d like more information or just want to say hi…

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


(you can always reach me at or at 1-760-416-3184)

Upcoming Events

****  Pasta Socials on Wednesday Nights (see Calendar for more details and updated schedule; $12 for adults, $5 for kids) 


****  First Wednesday of the Month's Pasta Social is a Special Music Night !!! (reservations MANDATORY ...  Call Lori Harvey at 1-760-360-6255  ... NOTE: dinner price for the First Wednesday event only is $15 for adults, $5 for children)



**** Upcoming Lineup for our Fabulous Wednesday Pasta Socials:   
                   Apr. 27:  Antheny Shane
                   May 4:  Tony D'Jerlando
                   May 11:    Frank DiSalvo & Friends (FIRST WED. SPECIAL MUSIC NIGHT)  (Reservations MANDATORY - Call Lori Harvey at 1-760-360-6255
                   May 18:  Michael D'Angelo
                   May 25:  Antheny Shane
**** LAST PASTA SOCIAL OF THE SEASON:   Wednesday, May 25  

News from Andy Casey

May 2016

That’s it folks, summer’s upon us, and we’re closing the doors the end of May, till the first Wednesday in October, and, yes, the season flew by. The season ends on a great note as our President Joe LaPorta is vastly healed, not completely, but damn close! So this is the last newsletter till then, but look to your June copy of Il Leone for our last story for this season.

We sure went out with the proverbial “blaze of glory” at this year’s 39th Annual Honoree dinner/dance gala at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel on April 17th. I simply won’t be able to glorify what an amazing evening it was, it was that great of an evening!  Our honoree Arnold Capitanelli, a man of love, songs and glorious humor, was so deserving it was an honor to have him the recipient. He would tell you the award was really for his lovely wife of sixty years, Jackie, as much as it was for him!  They’re just an incredible team.

Our State President Lynn Lawrence-Murphy and her husband attended the gala, and she spoke.  Our own Patrick Evans was emcee/Master of Ceremonies, and Frank DiSalvo and his swing band provided the entertainment. And when it comes to entertainment, you know with Frankie and his friends it’s going to be amazing. The first award for Arnold was a commemorative plaque from Rose Kingsley and manager Norm Miller of the first pressing of her new CD which featured a song penned by Arnold!  Arnold was introduced by his adoring daughters, and awarded his Honoree award by our President Joe LaPorta.  Then Arnold sang an adoring song to his wife Jackie, which was in a word lovely!  I wrote extensively about Arnold in our April newsletter, and his career and passion for helping others made him a most worthy recipient!

The first entertainer to the floor for the show after the awards was Larry Delrose. You really can’t categorize Larry!  He comes to the stage, with a certain swagger, a purpose that signals, this is going to be good! He explains to you what he’s going to do, grins, and then does it, with authority and oodles of talent! And you’re just enthralled with him, because in addition to the above it’s going to be something different.  Mostly, that is... I refer you to two weeks ago at a Wednesday Lodge program, and he told us he was going out of the mode of the ordinary, and then sang a song last done by one Clarence “Frogman” Henry called , “(I don’t know why) But I Do”, which was a hit back in 1961. You remembered the song, but who knew the lyrics, well, Larry did, and I can’t get it out of my head since!

Now Larry comes up at the gala, and after doing “That’s Life” he reverts back to true form and does some song he heard in a San Diego night club. First he puts his “shirt collar up” then unbuttons his shirt and does a song about Elvis wannabe singers, which includes the titles of fifteen Elvis songs, and then left the stage without doing any actual Elvis songs. That’s Larry in a nutshell.

Over lunch the other day he explained to me he searched the Internet for days before locating the song, and buying it and the accompanying music. That’s Larry, and the extremes he goes to do things that attract him, and he does them very very good!

And, Larry, has done it his way since moving to the desert 36 years ago with his wife of 40 years, Sandy, and his two daughters. Since here he stays busy, He wrote a book, “Directions To A Happy Life”, he’s co-wrote and co-produced a major movie “Night Club”, which he also appeared in. His film company is called Italian-American Films.  Now all this coming from a man that essentially retired in 2000.  Aren’t we glad he didn’t!  And better yet, how fortunate for us that he is a member of our Lodge!


Just a reminder:  the last day our Lodge will be hosting dinners will be May 25th.  From then until the first week of October our Lodge will be closed.  You can still reach President Joe LaPorta, however, by email or cellphone (see contact info at the top of the Lodge home page).  In May the resurfacing of our parking lot will start.



Renee Troiano’s mother passed away this past month at 102 years—a long life.  Her name was Clara Grasso and not only was she a fine lady, she was a great dancer.  We extend our sincere condolences to Renee and her family.


We always need volunteers for the cooking committee and for various other tasks.  Please contact Joe Laporta for your choice of opportunities to help out.  Planning is underway to plan our events and improvements for our lodge and our activities.  If you have any ideas for the coming season starting in October, just let Joe know.


Consider supporting our Lodge with an ad on our Lodge's website.  A business card-sized ad is just $100 for the year.  Talk to Joe LaPorta.


Do welcome new members at our dinners and events.  Everyone likes a handshake and a smile.  It costs nothing but gives dividends!



Weekly Pasta Socials!

Put a little BadaBing!! into your Wednesday nights and join us for our regular weekly pasta social, which is always open to the public. Enjoy good Italian food, good company, and a good way to get past hump day.  No-host bar at the Lodge opens at 5:00pm, dinner service begins at 5:30pm.  Just $12 for adults, $5 for kids  (NOTE: $15 on the First Wednesday of the month special music nights, $15 on occasional celebrity chef nights).  Every Wednesday beginning October 7, 2015 through May 25, 2016  (NOTE: Closed during some holiday weeks).  Proceeds help support Lodge activities.   Check the Lodge calendar listings at  for details about prices, music lineups, and holiday schedules.

So you won't be turned away, make a reservation for the Weekly Pasta Socials...Call Lori Harvey at 1-760-360-6255 today!








Singer Spotlight:  Tony Di Jerlando




By Andy Casey

 Tony Di Jerlando looks like a prize fighter, but the prize you get with him is his voice and his marvelous ability to sing and entertain!  Tony was born in California, moved to New Jersey briefly, and then came back to the Golden State, where he's been ever since.

Tony was a big part of the music scene in LA in the sixties, under contract with Capital Records by the time he was 14, and was managed by the same team that handled the great group Dino, Desi, and Billy.   He entertained at all the major venues around the LA and Valley area, like the Whiskey A Go-Go, Ye Little Club, and the Sportsman Lodge. This was the time of The Doors, Johnny Rivers, and Janis Joplin, and Tony was playing the same clubs and partying with them all.  He was a big part of that great era and, as you can imagine, had a glorious time!

He branched out to Vegas, singing at the Riveria and the Tropicana, and first sang here in Palm Springs at the Riveria Club in Palm Springs in 1967 as well as playing The Top of the Tram Club when the tram first opened.  Tony was also Jack Kent Cooke's favorite to sing our National Anthem at LA Laker games!

Then came Viet Nam, where he was attached to the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne.  Command soon heard of his singing career and moved him over to entertain the troops.  Back in the States, married to Robyn, a school teacher, and now with four kids of his own, Tony decided it was time for a career, and after obtaining his license he opened an insurance brokerage firm.  Here too he also had the Midas touch, with the operation growing to 2 offices and 27 employees, but alas it was all business and no singing…

Thankfully his son asked Tony to sing at his wedding a few years ago, and his singing career was reborn, with a voice as strong as ever.   For the last five years he's been entertaining residents of the Coachella Valley and beyond.

Tony is here at our Lodge ever second Wednesday of the month, and at the 360 Club in Palm Springs every Thursday. Don't miss him!

Now living in Claremont, and with Robyn retiring this year, we all look forward to them moving to our Valley, and giving us the chance to see more of this great entertainer… 

Singer Spotlight:  Rose Kingsley


By Andy Casey

When you thought you had already achieved your highest dreams, achieved all of the goals you had set for yourself, reached the apex of opera stardom, starred at the Met, sung at Carnegie Hall, appeared on an NBC Special with Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, and accomplished so much more, is there anything else left?   If you're Rose Kingsley, the answer is a resounding yes!

Basically having retired from the world of opera (except for occasional guest appearances and teaching students the art), Rose had the urge to sing again, and with the help of her brilliant & supportive husband Norm Miller, she has reinvented herself and reemerged singing the songs she always loved.  Working with and accompanied by her arranger and keyboardist Bob Corwin, who has styled her material to suit her unique style and personal interpretations, Rose has reached new levels in her art.    She brings to memory Garland, Streisand, and Minnelli when you watch her sing today, drawing upon her considerable skills with cabaret, soul, and timeless ballads, all presented with charismatic interpretations uniquely her own.   This Juilliard-trained lady of song has found a new voice for her unique stylings, and all who hear her are enriched for the experience...

Not only can you enjoy this local treasure (Rose and Norm presently live in Shadow Hills Country Club) on her latest CD “This is My Life”, but Rose will also bring her talents and vivacious personality to our Lodge every third Wednesday of the month!

Try to make one of those very special evenings at our Lodge.  Better yet, repeat the experience by catching Rose at one of her regular gigs such as at Azul’s in Palm Springs, an upcoming event in Hawaii in February, and various charity affairs.  If you want to keep close tabs on this lady or pick up a copy of her new CD, just check out her website (   You’ll be glad you did!


Singer Spotlight:  Larry Capeloto


By Andy Casey

Simply stated Larry Capeloto is a treat!  His ever-present smile welcomes you to his versatile singing style and wonderful humor.  A crooner in the style of Dean Martin, with a similarly smooth delivery and ready wit, Larry totally commands his performances, captivating you with his charm and grace.

Born in Seattle, he was a fixture on the Seattle night scene for over 35 years. His singing partner then was Jerry and they were billed as “Larry and Jerry,” with  Jerry as the jokester and Larry the crooner. Among the venues in Seattle they played were The Edgewater Inn, The Wharf, and various Elks clubs in the area.  When Jerry left the popular duo, Larry simply filled both roles, and still does today.

Larry’s jokes, always innocent and sometimes corny, are delivered with his ready smile, and will have you laughing long before the punch line. He moves gracefully as he sings, and in fact taught line dancing at Fantasy Springs for 8 years.  A complete package for your entertainment!

Larry had a food brokerage company which he sold in 1988 and thought he’d retire. So he moved to Palm Springs, but instead of doing the usual retiree thing, he got back to entertaining and all who see his current act are glad he did.   Larry also has a day job here in the Valley, selling golf carts  a couple of days a week now.   Larry just married his amazingly sweet love, Jenny, and they now reside in the Heritage Palms Indio complex.

It was through a friend in the golf cart business that he met the legendary band leader Ted Herman.  When Ted heard him sing he immediately asked Larry to be his band’s singer, and they’re still working together.   The venues they’ve played have included the Indio Performance Arts Center (on a regular basis) and the Indian Wells Resort Hotel, where he performs Sunday afternoons along with Frank DiSalvo and Lee Hartley.   You can also see Larry at other venues including the American Legion Hall in Palm Springs, Sun City Shadow Hills, and The Vue in Indian Wells.

But most importantly, Larry sings here at our Lodge most first Wednesdays, along with the always fantastic array of singers that Frank DiSalvo assembles.   This is a gig you simply won’t want to miss!

From the Desert Sun, March 21, 2012: 

Sinatra Lodge offers dinner treat for Italians — and many others

3:53 PM, Mar. 21, 2012  |  

John Annarino

Special to MyDesert

I was recently invited to be a dinner guest at the Dolly Sinatra Lodge in Palm Springs.

Being a bona fide Italian, I fit right in.

When it was founded in l977 it was called The Palm Springs Lodge. But as a tribute to Dolly Sinatra's untiring charity work in the Palm Springs area and for sharing her only son, Francis Albert, with music lovers all over the world, the name was changed with the approval of the Supreme Lodge Order Sons of Italy.

The Lodge is really a house. That's where a $9 dinner is served every at 5 Wednesday to anyone who wants to come. It's always the same dinner, starting with appetizers and homemade soup. Then spaghetti and meatballs in sauce. Italian salad. Garlic bread. Dessert. Coffee. And, of course, wine, and other beverages. The night I was there we were serenaded by a gentleman who played the accordion as well as he sang.

“The Dolly Sinatra Lodge,” president Joe LaPorta, said “is dedicated to the enhancement of our Italian-American heritage and culture. We're also committed to helping the needy, and to awarding scholarships to students from our local high schools. This June, four students will receive scholarships.”

The Lodge, which operates on a volunteer basis, has also honored such performers as Sonny Bono, Keely Smith, Jerry Vale and Herb Jeffries. Most recently it honored retired colonel Jack Brennan who was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism while commanding the artillery in Khe Sahn, Vietnam and the Purple Heart for wounds suffered during that battle.

After Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968, Brennan was selected to be a presidential aide, and became the first person to have the title of Marine Corps Aide to the President. After Nixon's resignation, at Nixon's request, Brennan resigned from active duty in the Marine Corps and became Nixon's chief of staff. In the 2009 movie, “Frost/Nixon,” he was portrayed by Kevin Bacon.

Brennan divides his time between Cathedral City and Little Compton, R.I.

I asked him how he happened to come upon the Dolly Sinatra Lodge. “My dad was Irish, but my mother was Italian,” Brennan said, “so I grew up on good Italian food. When I was looking for a place to get a really good Italian meal around here, I came across a house with a sign that said the Dolly Sinatra Lodge. Well, that sure sounded Italian to me, so I went in — that was in 1995 — and I've been coming back ever since.”

Coming back to the Dolly Sinatra Lodge is what a lot of people do. People who want a good Italian dinner. People like me.

John Annarino is a Sun City Palm Desert resident. Reach him at

History of the Dolly Sinatra Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America


Established in 1905, the Order Sons of Italy in America has more than 60,000 members in over 650 Local Lodges and 60 Grand (State or Regional) Lodges.  The local lodge in the Palm Springs area is the Dolly Sinatra Lodge #2400.  The Order of Sons of Italy in America, its Grand Lodges, and its Local Lodges are non-profit fraternal organizations dedicated to charitable activities in combined and local endeavors.

The local lodge in Palm Springs received its charter from the Supreme Lodge Order of Sons of Italy in America on the 1st day of May 1977.  The charter members authorized to constitute a regular subordinate lodge in the Coachella Valley were Mr. Mark Carnevale, Mr. Emanuel Stillino, Mr. Salvatore DiBenedetto, Mr. James Nicholos, and Mr. Alan Livreri.  From those humble beginnings the lodge has grown in membership, momentum in community service, and charitable contributions.

Originally the lodge was known as “Palm Springs Lodge #2400” but shortly before it opened, a tragic airplane crash had taken the life of Mrs. Natalie "Dolly" Sinatra, the mother of world famous entertainer Mr. Frank Sinatra.  Mrs. Sinatra had been a fixture in the Coachella Valley for quite some time, spearheading a number of charitable efforts in the area, including ones for her beloved St. Louis Catholic Church in Cathedral City.  In 1984, Mr. Anthony "Tony"Riccio, noted Palm Springs entrepreneur and a very dear and trusted friend of Mr. Sinatra, was president of the lodge.  Through Mr. Riccio’s efforts and his friendship with Mr. Sinatra, the lodge received authorization from Mr. Sinatra to change its name to the “Dolly Sinatra Lodge #2400” to honor the memory of his mother who had done so much for the people of the greater Palm Springs area.  On the 9th day of April 1984, the Supreme Lodge Order of Sons of Italy in America approved, sealed, and issued a revised charter with the name change.

Over the years, the members of this lodge have expanded their commitment to help others in our society by donating time and money to various charitable organizations including the Mizell Senior Center, the Desert Blind and Handicapped Foundation, and the Palm Springs Stroke Center.  They also work diligently to fund the Lodge’s own college scholarship program for graduating high school students in local schools.

The Dolly Sinatra Lodge #2400 is dedicated to keeping Italian-American heritage and culture alive in America, and in the Coachella Valley in particular.  The aggressive participation of its membership in community activities is enabling the Dolly Sinatra Lodge to become one of the leading lodges affiliated with the Grand Lodge of California, Order Sons of Italy in America.

What's New on the Dolly Sinatra Website?

 Check out the photos from our 2014-2015 Season Opening Night Pasta Social (Wed., October 1, 2014), which was a fabulous success!   See  Photo Gallery  for all the pictures...

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